The management, organization, and quality control behind Euro Precision is world-class. Our team is comprised of highly-skilled experts who operate with integrity, taking pride to provide customers, like you, with top-quality products.

Equipped with 17 CNC machines. Continue investing in advance technology and automation.

Sectors of Activity

Optical, Photonic, and Telecommunication Sciences

 For its excellent skill in producing small, complex, and precise parts for the photonics, optics, and telecommunications industries, Euro Precision has gained an outstanding reputation. The CNC machining center at Euro Precision has created cutting-edge nano- and micro-machining techniques that position us as industry leaders in the manufacture of mechanical parts for laser and telecommunication systems, computer vision and imaging, and fiber optics.

Applications for Euro Precision’s alloy components, which include materials like Kovar and Invar, can be found above ground, below ground, and even in space. Euro Precision is home to a group of imaginative and creative workers who run machining tools designed especially for joint ventures with high-tech industries.

Rail and Transportation Systems

 Since 2003, Euro Precision’s CNC machining center has consistently improved and developed its skill in creating machined components. Utilizing meticulously documented and regulated manufacturing procedures, the team of professionals at Euro Precision guarantees traceable production in compliance with AS9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

The industrial production of precision machined parts by Euro Precision strictly complies with customer-specific requirements and meets the highest industry standards in all aspects of operation. With their superior production equipment and team of knowledgeable experts, Euro Precision is able to offer professional services in all transportation industries, particularly rail. This involves putting a strong emphasis on satisfying customers and adhering to delivery schedules. The management expertise of Euro Precision includes both Kanban system deliveries and just-in-time delivery, successfully meeting a variety of logistics

Healthcare and Dentistry

Euro Precision has emerged as a prominent business partner for enterprises operating in the medical and dentistry sectors, owing to its inventiveness and resourcefulness. Focusing on producing complex machined parts, Euro Precision works closely with R&D departments from many firms in these industries to supply mechanical parts composed of polymers, plastics, stainless steel, and other specialty alloys.

Strict controls over the manufacturing procedures used by Euro Precision to fabricate precision machined parts guarantee perfect material traceability and consistent manufacturing quality. Consequently, Euro Precision has gained the confidence of companies operating in the dentistry and medical domains and is proud to be acknowledged as a premier partner.


Euro Precision guarantees timely delivery of high-quality outcomes and is committed to meeting its clients’ needs. From energy production to energy transportation, partners in the energy sector have benefited from Euro Precision’s experience as a manufacturer of machined components since 2003.

The Euro Precision team, with years of experience and inventiveness, is skilled at creating a wide range of machined parts made of brass, aluminum bronze, and other specialty alloys, either via solid bar or casting techniques.

Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

 Making tiny, complex, and accurate components is our specialty at Euro Precision. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering high-volume production of machined parts at competitive prices. Our CNC machine shop is furnished with a variety of precise and adaptable digitally-controlled milling tools. Euro Precision’s team of experts regularly meets or surpasses client expectations for both quality and timeliness in the delivery of components.

Acquiring significant proficiency in carbide machining, has allowed Euro Precision to establish itself as a frontrunner in the production of numerous intricate, accurate, and highly specialized industrial equipment. Euro Precision does turn-key projects with efficiency in Canada, the US, and other countries by collaborating closely with a large network of certified subcontractors.

Military and Defense Sector

As a preferred supplier to the defense industry, Euro Precision follows a security plan approved by the Controlled Goods Program (CGP) of the Canadian government. Our skilled staff follows AS9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 requirements for production traceability by using controlled manufacturing processes and comprehensive documentation.

Using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and a variety of adaptable, computer-controlled machining equipment, Euro Precision is a leading manufacturer of finely machined components for the defense and military industries. The technical departments of our customers work closely with the Euro Precision team, which offers assistance in addressing challenging problems.